Key Questions

Do you have goals for your business?
Companies that engage in the planning process out-perform those that don’t. We assist our clients in establishing goals and developing plans with specific, measurable and achievable milestones in group and individual sessions.

Are you organized to meet those goals?
We conduct evaluations of your organization – the structure and management you have in place or require – in order to identify potential short-term and long-term issues. We work with you to define the roles, responsibilities and required skills for your key positions.

Do your operations support those goals?
Our professionals assess the infrastructure, systems, processes, practices and procedures that your company uses. We identify gaps and opportunities to improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability, and prioritize them with you. We develop or guide you in creating work plans for achieving those improvements.

Do you have the resources you require?
Our multi-disciplinary team is available to address your staffing, training, technology, needs in the short-term, or to help you fill them for the long-term.  We bring expertise to your systems, marketing and financing issues, to accelerate your decision-making.

Are you certain which of your priorities should come first?
Every business faces internal competition for scarce resources.  We analyze and clarify the trade-offs between competing priorities, help you decide how to proceed, and develop work plans so you move forward with assurance – in the short-term and the long-term.

Are your managers tapping into the innovative thinking inside your company?
Our experience has shown that the thinking that can solve the majority of a company’s challenges exists within the organization. We help management learn how to tap into the sources of problem solving and creative thinking within your organization and build the committed involvement of your entire team.

Are you looking for ways to improve?
The most successful companies have built in the flexibility to accommodate change. We mentor management and conduct staff training sessions to brainstorm, develop and reward ongoing communication of new ideas.

“Working with Linda is one of the best ROI’s in business! From less than 4 hours a month working with you, learning these techniques and using these systems, my thinking’s been reshaped, my skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and I take action quickly and confidently in new complex situations. Moreover, we put plans in place and my entire team stepped up in their responsibility and capability. Thanks, Linda!”

Annette Friskopp – Serial CEO; Tech Company Board Member; VP & GM Specialty Printing Systems at HP Inc.