“For the first time in years I went on vacation and didn’t think about what was going on in the office ~ I knew everything was under control, being handled, and made more money! THAT’S High Pay-Off!”

Michael F. Los Angeles

Linda Feinholz provides services for you and your management team through 2 programs:

The Value Builder System…

  • A year-long fixed fee Advisory program… focused on making your business more stable, scalable and sellable
  • 12 modules covering the 8 Drivers of Business Value including training material, assignments, and tools online to assess, guide and track implementation on the drivers
  • Private phone calls with Linda Feinholz on the issues uncovered by The Value Builder Assessment Questionnaire
  • Bonus materials on topics critical to the success of your business

Custom Consulting Services for your Business…

  • Business Assessments… identify the gaps between your stated goals and the likelihood of their achievement
  • Strategic, Business and Operations Planning and Training… create and sustain the platform for successful execution toward those goals
  • Process and Profitability Improvement… boost the results you and your entire team create
  • Income Stream Revolution… transform your expertise and experience into new products, services, programs and content clients are hungry for
  • The Breakthrough VIP Days… produce measurable business results within 90 days after the intensive session

your Team…

  • Team Work… establish a cross functional team focused on making continuous improvements
  • Project Management to Change Management… keep projects on track to successful conclusion
  • Team Building… create cohesive teams that execute with excellence
  • Meeting Facilitation… allow each member of the team to participate at their most effective level possible

and You…

  • Management and Leadership Development… sharpen your skills, and improve both your results and the overall job performance of everyone on your team
  • Personal Development… enable you to set the goals you prefer, and achieve them deliberately and with less stress

… and more!  We customize our consulting and coaching work to address your needs.