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How To Increase Your Business’s Sellable Value By 71%!

Saturday, March 2nd 2019 – Glendale CA
Check-in: 10:00am
Seminar: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Whether you’re looking to sell now or not for years, you want to get the most value from your business you can create. Rick sold his company for 3.2 times EBITDA on $26M in annual sales. Yet, Jill got $38M for her $11M company. You need to know what made the difference for these 2 small businesses so you spend your time and energy on the area of your company that result in the greatest ‘value’. 

8 specific value drivers determine that value and sales ‘readiness’. Brokers and buyers are using them to decide whether to look at a business, and what’s it’s worth. Bankers use those same factors to decide what banking tools they’ll offer you, and at what rates.

To get the most value from the seminar, be sure to go here and get your FREE score and bring it with you to the seminar: http://bbdnow.com/score