• When you need funds for your business, bankers evaluate your 'risk' profile
  • When you speak with business brokers, they evaluate your 'sellability'
  • When prospective buyers evaluates your business, it's against all their other options

The companies that get the best bank rates, the most buyer interest and actual written offers are those that are ‘above average.’ It’s all based on the 8 Drivers of Value these folks use behind the curtain to evaluate businesses. You need to know how to position your company above your competitors , with the least risk and most true value.

Whether you want to continue to grow and run your company, or set it up for an optimal transfer or sale …

You Should Have ALL The Value Available To You In Your Business

How We Work With You


The starting point of all our work is your FREE 100% confidential Value Builder Score.


Together we identify the the value you are leaving on the table, and the steps to take to increase the value in your business.


You and your team learn how to measurably transform you company's scores on those drivers. And get it done!

Your starting scores on the 8 Drivers of Value guide how we prioritize working on your business. Whether for yourself or for taking your company to market or the bank, by working on those 8 Value Drivers you’ll increase the ‘sellability‘ of your business, and it’s ‘bankability‘, improving your cost structure and profitability.


You Deserve Every Dollar Of Value

... for the work you've put in to creating your amazing company, including those just steps away.

Bankers, Brokers, and Buyers Don't Tell You

... what they actually look at to set a value for your business, pay for it, or lend you money and at what rates.

Your Business Isn't Broken

... nor are you. You just need to know the exact steps to take to have more opportunities, choices and value in your company.

What our clients say

"As a result of the High Payoff management skills and tools I started using, my meeting time was cut by 80%. My management team worked with each other so effectively I got back the time to focus on the goal of selling our company, AND was able to go watch my kid's games after school. Sold the company for $25M."

Michael D.
Company President

"The conversations and guidance from Linda have lead to a complete repositioning of our services and already spurred our growth. Worth every minute of working with her."

Brad Leggett
Consultant to Company Owners

"Working with Linda is one of the best ROI's in business! From less than 4 hours a month working with you, learning these techniques and using these systems, my thinking's been reshaped, my skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and I take action quickly and confidently in new complex situations. We put fresh plans in place and my entire team stepped up in their responsibility and capability. Thanks, Linda!"

Annette Friskopp
Serial CEO and Tech Company Board Member

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